Mounting & Tanning

Done with Beetles.  No weakening of the skull due to boiling.
skulls *Whitetail, Bear, Boar etc.
╚ Caribou $115; Elk $130; Moose $140.
Horned animals — add $25.
Jaw cleaned, attached to skull – $25 extra, & up.
Does not include plaque.
See below for European Mount prices.
Natural or Matte
Clear Gloss or Stone Look – $5
Whitened – $10
*NEW* Camouflage dipping available in many patterns – $85.
○finish prices based on whitetail sized skulls, bigger animals may be more.

EUROPEAN WHITETAIL MOUNT $129european mounts
Same as above with your
choice of available plaques and finishes.
Stop in to see all available choices.
*NEW* Camouflage dipping available in many patterns — add $85.

WHITETAIL ANTLER MOUNT $89antler mounts-vertical
With your choice of:
1.) Cover- Options are:
Felt or Crushed Velvet (any color), Camo Fabric,
Embossed Cap, Leather or Natural Hair.
2.) Available plaques.
There are many plaque styles and finishes available-
stop in to view them all.

turkey tail,feet,beard

Fan Tail Mount with Beard     $85
Fan Tail, Beard and Feet Mount    $105
On your choice of Oak or Walnut Plaques

Bass, any size     $275bigfishsmallfish
Stripes, Walleyes, Trout, Muskies &
Northerners     $14/in.*
Saltwater Fish, Salmon, Lake Trout
(reproductions only)    $15/in.*
Habitat wall & table bases available for extra charge.
*$200 minimum on all fish

TANNING (we will not be able to do any tanning for the 2017 season)hides
Deer or Antelope    $105
Hair On or Hair Off (leather)
Hair off deer hides may also be dyed black or brown for an extra $20/hide.

Small- Fox, Coon, Etc.    $95
Medium- Coyote, Beaver, Etc.    $120
Large- Caribou, Elk, Etc.    $17/sq. ft.
Bear     $6/linear in.

Your tanned hide can be made into naturally soft, leather gloves or mittens for an additional
charge, per pair, of $19.95 for unlined or
$22.95 for Thinsulate-lined.
Average 3 pairs per hide.

*Includes mounting of head, a 2″ exposed contrast color ruffled or unruffled felt border.  The felt backing is then trimmed 1″ beyond the colored ruffle to give a double felt trim look. Both ruffled trim and felt backing are machine sewn onto the hide.
*Padding is a 1/2″ polyester batting with quilt stitches throughout the body and on all the paws to hold the batting in place.
*D-rings will be sewn onto the back of the rug.
*In stock felt trim colors include: currant red, billiard green, royal blue, tan and dark brown. Standard felt backing is black.
*Optional leather backing is available for $100 extra.
*Double padding $30 additional charge. Double ruffle $50 extra charge.

Black Bear, closed mouth.blackbearrug1800-4000
Prices are in addition to tanning costs.
Up to 5 Linear Feet    $485
5-6 Linear Feet     $520
6-7 Linear Feet    $580
Over 7 Linear Feet    $640
Open Mouth    Additional $90

Fox, Coon    Tanning is included
Closed Mouth    $495
Open Mouth    Additional $35

Coyote    Tanning is included
Closed Mouth    $545
Open Mouth    Additional $60

We recommend using Russell Phelps of Four Seasons Taxidermy for your full shoulder mounts. We have one of his mounts on display so our customers may see his work.

~All prices subject to change without notice